Does your patient's ID wristband look something like this?  Does it have a paper label which needs to be covered over to protect it from liquids before it can be used?

Introducing the modern version

Hospitals are now using our new waterproof Softband™ version saving €100+ per 1,000 sheets*.  Print directly onto the wristband surface using your existing software, existing Laser printer & same A4 print tray.

  • Durable soft vinyl wristbands with non-abrasive edges, enhances patient's comfort
  • Easier and quicker to apply, just peel off; no awkward pre-assembly necessary
  • 80% more space for patient's details; add Consultant's name, ward, extra barcode, etc
  • Biocompatible surface-coating protects 2D barcodes and text for longterm use
  • Verified by HSE IT departments for conformity with PAS / IPMS
  • Blood track PDA scanning accuracy verified by HSE Lab tests
  • Unaffected by hand cleaning gels confirmed in HSE Lab tests
  • Savings from €10,000 upwards annually; up to €50,000 for large Hospitals*

Specifically engineered for the Healthcare sector by CCL Healthcare - largest global manufacturer of specialised labels for the pharma / healthcare industries.

*Depending on annual usage and based on previous prices.  Softband™ wristbands are supplied by MediCharts.ie - sole Irish distributor.

SOFTBAND - No Paper Label - No Assembly Required