Casenote Folders

Office worker taking an highlighted folder in the archive: database, administration and file management concept

Casenote folders or patient records charts can be constructed to your exact requirements

You can choose the number of wings, weight and colour of manilla, type of pockets, arrangement of inserts and clipping mechanisms you may require.

Inserts can be designed in any way you want to include dividers, mount sheets and clinical forms.

The more wings (spines) in the folder, the better the content can be organised into logical sections.  This enables the content to be accessed easier, reducing filing time.

We provide various styles of secure pockets for your folders so that loose documents can be safely stored.

There are various ways of identifying your folders.  We can serial number, bar code and colour code so that records can be identified quickly and accurately.

We have a wealth of experience designing medical records folders in the most suitable way to accommodate clients’ requirements.