Casenote Folders

Casenote folders or patient records charts can be constructed to your exact requirements

Our Medical Charts are extensively used in Irish hospitals and healthcare facilities and are used to securely contain the medical history of the patients.

Medicharts produce these to order based on clients’ specifications and requirements relating to, the colour and text of charts, number of wings, dividers, inserts, mount sheets and types of pockets and weight of manilla and finish on manilla.

We provide various styles of secure pockets for your folders so that loose documents can be safely stored.

We have a wealth of experience designing medical records folders in the most suitable way to accommodate clients’ requirements and we will work with you and assist you in the design of your chart.


The charts/folders can have up to 4 wings (Sections), most charts have 1 wing, but larger charts will have 2 or more. Services who use larger charts utilize wings to divide the charts up into accessible and logical sections.


Integrated pockets can be included in the chart and are commonly used to store labels etc. Pockets can be tight or gusseted to give more durability.

Manilla (Paper)

Standard Colours

Cream, Violet, White, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Buff, Dark Green

Standard Weights

180gsm, 270gsm, 315gsm, 485gsm


You can add any insert or combination of inserts into your chart / folder such as:

A. Forms

We can supply forms or sheets singly our as part of a case note chart. You can select any colour paper between 80gsm or 100gsm weight. The sheets can be reinforced at the drill holes to make them more durable and prevent them tearing out easily.

B. NCR Forms

NCR duplicate or triplicate sheets can be supplied separately or as part of the chart where copies of handwritten documents need to be duplicated.

C. Mount Sheets

We provide a range of off-the-shelf medical mount sheets as listed below.

  • Bacteriology (Blue)
  • Biochemistry (Green)
  • Blood Transfusion (Red)
  • Cytopathology / Histopathology (Orange)
  • Pathology (DK Blue)
  • Haematology (Pink)
  • Microbiology (Yellow)
  • Miscellaneous (Purple)
  • Other Investigations (Brown)
  • Plain (White)
  • Radiology (Black)

We can also provide mount sheets designed to your exact requirements.

Dividers (Indexes)

We can provide dividers arranged the way you would like.  They can be made from 3 part to 15 part sets and can be ordered as part of a chart/Casenote folder or separately. Dividers can also be supplied individually if you need an extra one slipped in somewhere.  These can be of standard A4 size or a wider format. The tabs on the divider can be standard or elongated.  The dividers can have print on the tabs or on the front or both.  The print can be printed to provide readability in any direction.

Mylar Reinforced Tabs

This is a laminate coating on both sides of the divider tab which reinforces the tabs and makes them more durable but is more cost effective than laminating the whole divider.  You cannot write on the laminated tabs, but they work well for the pre-printed tabs.

Clip Mechanism

The most common used of our clip mechanisms is the 3 Part plastic mediclip, however other clip mechanisms can be ordered such as spring-loaded ones, prongs and laced mechanisms.


The folder can be plain manilla, gloss or matt laminate. The lamination provides durability.

Reorder numbers / identification codes

These are assigned to your chart and are the unique identifier for your chart/ insert/ stationery and ensure that you can order your item by using the code for your bespoke chart/ insert etc.