Specimen Bags & Request Forms

Empty bag for medical discarded biohazard biowaste.

We supply the widest range of Request Forms and Specimen Bags available in Ireland

These have a guaranteed leak-proof seal when closed correctly.  Produced in single and multi-part format in up to 6-colour print, the forms can be manufactured with either one or two specimen bags attached, in clear or coloured polythene.  Absorbent pads can also be inserted in the specimen bags.

We have a reputation within the healthcare sector for:

  • Efficiency
  • Dependability
  • Flexibility
  • Value for money

We believe in getting the job done at a realistic and cost-effective price, meeting the end-users’ needs and budgets without compromising on either quality or service.

Should you wish to check the quality of our products, or the service we give other laboratories, we shall be pleased to provide reference sites and samples.


We have now developed a new opening mechanism for the specimen bags.  We call it ‘Easi-open’.  Gone are the days when you needed a bag-opener or blade to open the bag in order to access the specimen container inside.  Just open the bag as you would a self-seal envelope, thus avoiding any wrist strain or other RSI.  Ask us for samples before you place your next order.