Wherever items are being cleaned and disinfected, it is vital that it is clear which items have been prepared for re-use and which have not

We supply waterproof and steam proof Cleaning Bands of Tyvek quality to enable positive identification of clean equipment: kitchen utensils, medical equipment, sanitary receptacles etc. When the item has been prepared for re-use, simply attach a band to the handle or other convenient location. To remove, just tear at the stub perforation and discard.

Each band has a tamper evident seal at the stub end. If the band is removed, the stub disintegrates. The bands come in different colours and can be overprinted with wording of your choice eg Item Cleaned, Ready for Use, Item Cleaned on (if you want the date added) etc. There is also the option of having a sequential number printed on the stub.

The Cleaning Bands come in sheets of 10 bands with 1000 bands per box. The Bands measure 19mm x 250mm. Price depends on quantity ordered with a minimum order of 20 boxes (20,000 bands). Approximate annual usage in Acute Hospitals (depending on size and other factors) would be from 40,000 upwards.